100 Days of Halloween: 10 Ridiculously Cool Ideas For Your Leftover Halloween Candy!

10 Ridiculously Cool Ideas For Your Leftover Halloween Candy!

10. Donate it!

candypileLook up your local Food Bank, or a shelter, or other nonprofit organizations and donate. Many places that are in need of food for their programs also need stuff like candy throughout the year.

School groups, church groups, or just a bunch of friends could get together a whole lotta’ leftover candy, and you can bring a little sweetness into somebody else’s life

(And trust us, our world needs a little more sweetness!)

9. Use it to make Thanksgiving decorations.

thanksgivingcandyThis one is a no-brainer. The colors match, the holidays are close together, and you need some table decorations or sweet sides for desserts.

Dress up your pies, sweeten your table displays, or heck, baste the flippin’ Turkey with it…we don’t care!

Spread the Halloween cheer right on through Thanksgiving!

(By the way…there’s probably a never-ending stream of ideas for something like this on places like Pinterest. You’re welcome.)

8. Decorate Christmas gifts with them.

christmascandyKeep sharing the Halloween love right on through Christmas! Again, use them in desserts, gingerbread cookies and houses, or spice up your gift-wrapping with some leftover candy.

A lot of candy comes in shiny little packages, so it fits the holiday cheer and makes that fruitcake you insist on giving as a gift a lot easier to go down.

(Need ideas? Again, hit up places like Pinterest or your favorite craft-genius Aunt or Granny!)

7. Use it for Stocking Stuffers in a couple of months.

snowmanstockingYep, Christmas can benefit quite a bit from Halloween.

Who knew?!

If you’re like us, gum, mints, and other goodies are always on the stocking stuffer list. Why not borrow from what the neighbor threw in your treat bag?

If not for your own stockings, it could be used as gift packs for school parties, office parties, or for teacher’s gifts.




6. Bake with it.

candycakeUm, duh!

SO. MUCH. BAKING! Use your treats. There are tons of recipes online and at your local book store for using just about every type of candy in existence in some dish or dessert.

Look it up and have fun with it!

Heck, just drop some chocolate in your coffee to make a mocha. Stir a mint in your hot chocolate for minty joy!

Use your imagination. This idea has longevity!

5. Send it to the soldiers!

candysoldiersYou may be interested to know there are many organizations that actually collect Halloween candy for care packages for our troops. Google it.

Operation Shoebox, Operation Gratitude, or groups like Halloween Candy Buy Back gather it up and send smiles to our men and women serving our country.

Hard to beat this idea!




4. Freeze it!

candyshakeHaving fun in the kitchen again…

Freeze your candy and use it in shakes, smoothies, ice-cream mixes, or other goodies throughout the year.

Again, there are a ton of recipes out there for this idea.

Watch out for brain freeze though! There is NOTHING like chocolate brain freeze. Hehe.

(By the way, there are those who suggest freezing candy for use during next year’s Halloween. We think this is rude, gross, and worth a flogging. Plus, who’s candy is going to last all year in a freezer. People be like, “What candy?”)

3. Make it into trail mix.

candytrailmixHit the hiking trail, camp site, or your next boat trip with a trail mix using your leftover M&M’s and other candies (…like your gonna’ have any M&M’s left, right?).

We found a post on Craftionary that has some AWESOME trail mix recipes…check ’em out. Heck, they’ve even got a recipe using Candy Corn. That’s impressive, folks.

Hint: That post has a bunch of cool ideas to use even before and during Halloween. Might want to take a peek ahead of trick-or-treating.


candybugsOh my, this is so fun! Use your leftover candy for science! This post is by a mom that has some fantastic ideas for Halloween candy science experiments.

Google this topic too. You won’t be disappointed!



1. Fill a Piñata with it!

pinatabigIs there any more fun than filling something with candy, blindfolding people, and giving them a bat to wield at will? Didn’t think so.

Stuff that paper mache donkey’s *** with candy and SWING! (*** = “butt” here, but with only three *’s. And you were thinking of the other word! Shame on you.)



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