100 Days of Halloween: 5 Freaky Halloween Pranks (Not to Try)


5 Freaky Halloween Pranks (Not to Try)

October is a month full terror for many, but after many of those frights come the moment of snickering glee when a person pulls off a really good jump-scare. Here are a few pranks, and the merriment that follows, for your pleasure and…inspiration. 🙂 Just remember folks, for safety reasons, we don’t recommend attempting these. Apart from normal safety considerations, some civilians know how to throw a good right hook.

Wait Here for Demon Possession

We love how many people immediately decide just to carry on. (Language warning.)

Headless Drive-Thru

Rahat’s videos always bring a chuckle, but every once in a while we get to see someone freak out on cam. This is one of those videos.

The Drone Reaper

This video has a dire tone to it, but we still can’t help but crack up at the reactions of innocent passerby.

Exorcist Salon

We feel like there needs to be a “running with scissors” joke made here. (Language warning.)

Toilet Ghost

Hanako is an urban legend about a ghost that lives in the bathroom. While we are not sure if this is the same story being drawn upon, it is just as frightening to these people nonetheless. (Note: If you are ever in a horror movie, stay away from the bathroom.)

Happy Halloween 2014!