100 Days of Halloween: 6 Short Films to Make You Dive Beneath the Covers


6 Short Films to Make You Dive Beneath the Covers

If you couldn’t tell already, we like scary things. We also like short films. Much like short stories, they capture a spark of a moment, if done right. Short horror films are no exception, and that spark is like a shattering flashbulb sending shards through your gut.

Here are six such films that we have selected for your morbid attention. Turn off the lights, turn up that volume, and put on an extra pair of undergarments. 🙂


The Clown Statue

So we’ve shared this video and this story before (see Scary Clowns and Urban Legends), but it’s done well and deserves another mention. For those of you who haven’t seen it on our site before, and for those of you afraid of clowns…we apologize. But not really.

Lights Out

Circulated pretty widely thanks to the power of the Internet, this is a creepy short that delivers a fast punch, playing on an adult’s childhood fears.



This was the short that inspired Guillermo del Toro’s horror flick of the same name. As much as we are del Toro fans, this short was much creepier, and it’s not hard to see why he called it one of the most frightening sequences he had ever seen.


This one was too good not to include. Despite a cliche moment, it’s an unnerving sandwich of horror. That is to say, the middle gave us the heebie-jeebies.

The Smiling Man

Inspired by one of @MichaelMcGannon‘s favorite creepypastas, The Smiling Man could almost be seen as comical.


The Cat With Hands

What do you get when you mix short horror with a disturbed imagination and stop-motion animation that Tim Burton wouldn’t shake a stick at? We’re still not sure, but we think we like it.

Do you have any favorite shorts, indie or otherwise, that deserve notice? Toss ’em in the comments below! That great day of scares in rattling on closer.

Happy Halloween 2014!!