100 Days of Halloween: 8 Horror Comics To Sink Your Teeth Into This Halloween


8 Horror Comics To Sink Your Teeth Into This Halloween

“Look at your reflection in the mirror. You’re a creature of the night Michael, just like out of a comic book! You’re a vampire Michael! My own brother, a *******, ****-******* vampire. You wait ’till mom finds out, buddy!” -Sam Emerson, from the movie “The Lost Boys”

Do you remember the scene from The Lost Boys when the Frog Brothers and Sam meet in the comic book shop on the strip, and the brothers try and convince Sam that vampires exist? (Such an awesome scene…) Sam is busy correcting the order of the comic books on the shelf, and the Frog Brothers are shoving horror comics into his hand. Comic books were their textbooks to teach Sam about what was in Santa Carla!

Doesn’t get much better than that, ladies and gentlemen. Education via comics! 🙂

Today, we feature 8 Horror Comics for your reading pleasure this Halloween season. Tuck in to some world-class illustrations, and stories that are just as brilliant!


Locke & Key


Stephen King’s son takes on Lovecraftian horror. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!? This brilliant series follows siblings as they weather a series of unfortunate events and even less fortunate characters.

They discover keys that do impossible things, from body-swapping to time-travel to plucking archetypal thoughts and ideas out of your mind, all with Joe Hill’s brilliant storytelling.

30 Days of Night


By this time a well-known phenomenon, 30 Days of Night is still worth the visit. If nothing else, Ben Templesmith’s art is nothing short of unsettling, perfect for the Nelapsi-like vampires in this story.

Blue-tinged and blood splattered, Templesmith’s muted and dire art is the backdrop for Steve Nile’s vampires, who remind us that the closest vampires should ever come to sparkling is when they’re shimmering in blood.

The Sandman


Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece is always fantastic, sometimes warming, and often mind-wracking disturbing.

With a constant flow of new artists, each with a different take on Dream, the long running series is surreal, and the subject matter will make you squirm, whether the characters are in Asgard or traversing through the torments of a divided Hell.

Anya’s Ghost


Charming and surprisingly grown up, Anya’s Ghost tells the story of a girl and her friend ghost, a character study on how the two deal with the coming of age. It is heartwarming and bittersweet, not to be missed.

American Vampire


Another great vamp story, Scott Snyder’s series hasn’t failed to impress thus far, throwing a new twist—but a good twist—on the vampire mythos. Just like their Wild West peers, the young line of American vampires are hot-blooded and reckless, birthed into the world with a vengeance and met with just the same from the rest of the preternatural world.



This limited series by Stephen King has a very Lovecraftian-flare, with things starting bad and ending worse, although King himself has stated he did not write it with Lovecraft in mind. Still, human characters encounter things greater than themselves and bend or break underneath the weight of knowledge that should not have been known. A moody piece, highly recommended.



So you’ve seen the movies, but have you stopped to read the source material? Mike Mignola is a powerhouse, donning the hats of author and illustrator for Hellboy. He seems to share our love of monsters, as well, drawing from so many cultures and legends around the world, diving into the occult but never too far from faeries and headless ghosts. Told almost like a series of short stories, Hellboy is fun and rich in storytelling.

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth


You didn’t think you would see superheroes on this list, did you? Well, we only list one, and the superhero is not really the focus. As Gotham’s local loony-bin is taken over by some of Batman’s greatest villains, the Dark Knight must navigate his way through madhouse and stop the, um, madness. Or just survive it.

Arkham Asylum is well known in the comic book world thanks to Grant Morrison, one of the greatest graphic novelists…ever…of all time…period. With Dave McKean’s mind-bending illustrations, this is a devilish and delectable romp with unsettling implications in the DC universe.

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Happy Halloween 2014!!