100 Days of Halloween: Bunyip (The Aboriginal Enigma)

Bunyip – The Aboriginal Enigma

The Monster Guys 100 Days of Halloween Bunyip   Have you heard of the bunyip? This large beast inhabits lakes, swamps, rivers, and other bodies of water in the great Outback. With its origin stemming from Aboriginal myth, the bunyip has become something of a cryptoid to the rest of the world since the 1800s.

According to the Aborigines, the bunyip is a kind of nature spirit whose very purpose is to terrorize anyone who comes close to the water. Basically, it is known for snacking on people. Yum!

The Monster Guys 100 days of Halloween BunyipIts form varies from a calf-sized monster, to a hippo, to a chimerical duck-billed creature to a giant starfish (sorry, no nailing this one down!). One of our favorite descriptions likens the bunyip to a cross between an alligator and an emu, with stingray tails sticking out from its beak. How bizarre, right?! Sounds like an apocalyptic beast of Biblical proportions! In fact, the Aborigines fear of the beast is thought to have caused the discrepancies in their own description of the beast (sounds legit).

Since the 1800s, many people, including outside explorers and those born in Australia, have documented their sightings. There is one description that seems to stick pretty consistently, describing what looked like a seal or a misplaced “water-dog.”

Despite appearances that seem to vary from sighting to sighting, there has been enough over the centuries to keep people interested in the bunyip, and people today are still trying to put a finger on exactly what this creature may be.

The Monster Guys 100 Days of Halloween BunyipAlthough, we would not recommend putting a finger on it at all, if you just happen to be in the Outback and near a body of water AND are witness a calf-sized-monster-hippo-chimerical-duck-billed-giant-starfish-alligator-emu-stingray-tailed-beak-seal-water-dog-thingy-creature-monster-thingy, you may wish to seek out alternative water sources.

Just sayin’!

Happy Halloween!

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