100 Days of Halloween: Clurichaun – The Drunken Faerie

Clurichaun – The Drunken Faerie

As we continue our 100 Days of Halloween, let’s meet a rebellious, close relative to the leprechaun.

The Monster Guys 100 Days of Halloween ClurichaunWhile many are familiar with the leprechaun, the dirty old cobbler’s cousin isn’t quite as well known. The clurichaun is even rowdier than the leprechaun, probably thanks to a constant state of inebriation. These guys have been sighted at the fringes of town in groups, having wild, drunken revels at the end of the day and riding domesticated pets around as if they were horses, whooping and hollering all the way (kinda’ sounds like that group of guys I saw in the supermarket parking lot the other night, hmmm…). These fellas are the party animals of the faerie folk, if you will. Because these noisy gatherings usually take place at night, some regional stories even suggest that the clurichaun is simply a leprechaun that has gone drinking after work.

An interesting note: The clurichaun would also act as house spirits for some families. Yesterday we talked about the tomte, a Scandinavian spirit that took care of old farmlands. While most house spirits will generally protect and clean an entire house,  the clurichaun is unique in that his interests lie only with the other ‘spirits’ of the house. Particularly the alcoholic spirits. The clurichaun living in your house will keep to your wine cellar, keeping it well-stocked and in pristine condition, as long as you take care of him and share your drinks from time to time. Beware, though! Mistreating the clurichaun will lead to a disaster in your cellar.

Give attention to the proper care and, um, feeding, of your clurichaun should you discover you share his company. Doing so will keep tricks at bay this Halloween.

Happy Halloween 2014!


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