100 Days of Halloween: Jiangishi – The Hopping Vampire

Jiangshi – The Hopping Vampire

The Monster Guys 100 Days of HalloweenOne of my favorite “vampires” from Eastern culture, this is the infamous hopping vampire. The Chinese jiangshi (known as kyonshi in Japan) is a corpse that has risen from its grave, either due to a person returning from the dead or a body that has not decomposed properly being possessed by an evil spirit. There are many ways that a jiangshi might be created, from from the death of an extremely greedy person to the strangely specific scenario of a pregnant cat jumping over a grave.

Whatever the cause, the jiangshi still suffers from rigor mortis. Instead of being able to walk from place to place, the corpse has to hop from place to place. While a hopping corpse is most definitely terrifying, especially as it noms on your face, the image of a monster that hops around with outstretched arms trying to keep its balance is pretty funny.

Until it eats you. Then YOU become the treat. 😉

The Monster Guys 100 Days of Halloween JiangshiP.S. – Before the jiangshi are considered “hopping vampires” they are first considered “hopping zombies”. The “vampire” development grows as the creature sucks on, or feeds on, the energy of living beings. As well, it should be of interest to note there is an entire culture devoted to the jiangshi in many eastern countries. Genres of film, literature, etc. have been popular as far back as the 1930’s and are ever-growing in their devotion to this monster.

Happy Halloween 2014!

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