100 Days of Halloween: Manananggal – Bat-Torso Crazy

Manananggal – Bat-Torso Crazy

For our countdown to Halloween 2014 so far, we’ve shared some fantastic beasts, such as the cockatrice and the bunyip, to the creepy buggers, the nelapsi, *shudder*. We’ve also spotlighted the downright silly—hopping vampires, anyone?

However, today we go dark (again)…

The Monster Guys 100 Days of Halloween ManananggalFew monsters are as wretched as today’s special guest star, the manananggal.

Asian cultures have some pretty weird monsters, but in areas surrounding the Philippines and Malaysia, Indonesia and the like, the monsters are downright freaky. One of the better known examples is the manananggal. (Say that five times fast! But seriously, if you do manage it, or even if you fail spectacularly, post a video of it on our Facebook page, The Monster Guys. We might even join in the fun!)

The manananggal is an attractive woman during the day, often showing a bit of maturity, aging well. Hiding her identity, she is a witch and/or sorceress with a vampiric nature. Her true form is revealed during the night-time hours, when her torso completely separates from the lower half of her body, growing bat wings and becoming fuel of nightmares.

She’ll fly around like this until the sun begins to rise, shrieking from time to time, and gobbling people up in the night. The most horrific part is her favorite thing to eat. The manananggal preys on sleeping pregnant women and their unborn children, using a long, proboscis tongue to suck the blood out of the child in the womb, like some sort of demented butterfly.

The Monster Guys 100 Days of Halloween ManananggalAll fun and games aside, it is a horrific notion, and to this day people in the Philippines will apply salt and garlic to the doors and window ledges of their home in order to ward off the manananggal, especially when there is a pregnant woman living in the home.

Salt and garlic are also especially useful if you happen to find the resting lower half of the manananggal. Provided you can manage to keep the contents of your stomach from abruptly exiting the mouth on your face, rub some of the ingredients on the separated half of a body and the manananggal won’t be able to reattach herself. If the sun comes up while she’s still in crazy bat-lady form, bye-bye manananggal.

So, you see, we don’t just tell you about the nasty creatures, but also give you ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. You’re welcome! 🙂

The Monster Guys 100 Days of Halloween ManananggalAnd if you are so inclined, please share with friends and family so they, too, may have protection from things that go bump in the night, or in this case…fly around in a half a body with bat wings and gobble you up at night!

Happy Halloween 2014!


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