100 Days of Halloween: Tabletop Horror – Honorable Mentions, RPG’s, and Monster Bossfights


Tabletop Horror: Honorable Mentions, RPG’s, and Monster Bossfights

First off, a big thanks again to Tommy Brownell! Yesterday brought his final two tabletop games in a series of ten that should be played by horror fans and gamers alike. Today we
revisit that topic briefly and bring some honorable mentions to the table. (…to the table, haha!)

Zombie Dice & Chupacabra


Two Steve Jackson games are notable for their swift gameplay and the nerve-racking bouts of gambling they cause. Zombie Dice and Chupacabra are games that are simple to learn and great fillers for in-between rounds of bigger games like Arkham Horror and Zombicide. Expansions for Zombie Dice include dice that represent Santa Clause, a hunky football player, and the cheer squad captain, as well as an awesome D20 for the Schoolbus. Both dice games, both super quick to learn and play, and very portable…these games are a must-have for any gamer or collector.

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is a cooperative game in which you try to survive endless TH5_GhostStoriesranks of the dead, but with a delicious Asian theme. An evil sorcerer from the past has taken on several strange incarnations and haunts the townspeople with an army of weird undead.

The game’s rulebook struggles from some translation issues, but once those are cleared up, the game is a blast and builds up some crazy difficulty.

A buddy of mine once called it the Dark Souls of board games, right after the aptly-named Hopekiller wiped the board with our faces.

Chaos in the Old World

TH5_ChaosInTheOldWorldWhile Chaos might not be a strictly horror-themed game, it has disturbing elements throughout. You play as one of four gods of chaos trying to corrupt the country. It feels a little like what you would get if H.P. Lovecraft was the creator of RISK and a fan of Warhammer.

The heavy themes in this game are its strength, as each god is unique with their own playstyle and strategy. Plus, it’s fun to be the cosmic horror once in awhile, playing to destroy the world rather than save it.

The Horror Game

TH5_TheHorrorGameThe Horror Game is nothing if not campy. A rules-lite RPG, this game’s campaigns are designed to be finished in a single, laugh-out-loud playthrough, mainly because you are playing through a 1980s horror flick.

It’s like Whose Line Is It Anyway meets Friday the 13th, where the points don’t matter and everybody dies! Bonus points for being adaptable to pretty much any horror-movie you can think up.

Munchkin Cthulhu

Munchkin isn’t really a game that you sit down and play with a serious attitude, and if you are then you’re doing it wrong. Munchkin Cthulhu isn’t any different. The enemies may be gloopy, out-of-this-world aberrations, but they are parodies of their more horrible source material. Add the expansions, such as Munchkin Cthulhu 2: Call of Cowthulhu, and get ready for some jolly skulduggery with your friends.TH5_MunchkinCthulhu

The Fury of Dracula

A game we sadly have not played before but only watched, The Fury of Dracula is a 1987 classic for up to five players. One player takes the role of the TH5_FuryOfDraculacount himself, while everyone else plays as a hunter. Dracula moves throughout the countryside unseen until the hunters can track him down to stake the vamp—if they can survive the encounters!

Another game with a great theme built in, The Fury of Dracula also provides a quick gaming experience centered around teamwork (if you’re a hunter) and outsmarting your buddies (if you’re Dracula).

Happy Halloween 2014!

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