100 Days of Halloween: TOP 20 Vampire Movies of All Time! (Part 1 of 4)

TOP 20 Vampire Movies of All Time! (Part 1 of 4)

Disclaimer: Making a list like this always holds the highest potential of sending our readers and fans into a feeding frenzy. We can hear it now…

“Where’s [this or that] movie? Why isn’t it on the list?”

“Who do you think you are putting that movie on such a sacred list as a ‘Vampires Movie’ list?”

“That’s it! You’re list sucks!! I’m going for the jugular!”

(Ha! That last one…all the puns!) 🙂

Granted, opinions will abound and we’re ok with that (as long as you agree with ours, hehe). Simply, comment with your own opinion, list, or rearrange our list to share with others. Just leave the wooden stakes at home…(more vampy humor, get it?)

Let’s begin today with the lower five on this TOP 20 list:

20. John Carpenter’s VAMPIRES (1998).









Just because he’s John Carpenter, and it’s Vampires! Don’t argue.


19. Daybreakers (2009).









Though not always agreed upon…a fresh take on an age-old story. Great cast, too.


18.  Underworld (2003).








Action horror done right. Don’t worry, though, none of the sequels will make the list, ahem.


17. The Hunger (1983).








Not everyone’s cuppa tea, but definitely an edgy and important addition to the genre. Plus, who can beat that cast in the early 80’s?


16. From Dusk Til Dawn (1996).








Well, did ya’ think we’d not include this one. Again, not everyone’s cuppa…but no denying its impact on the genre.


P.S. – We’ve also decided to add an “Honorable Mention” to each part of this list. They may not have made OUR list of “ALL TIME” but they deserve some recognition. Here’s today’s “Honorable Mention”:

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012).









Now, before you get all purist on us…

This wasn’t as bad as most would accuse it. It’s not going to make our list of Top 20, but it was interesting and a decent romp.

Happy Halloween 2014!



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