And the Song Title For The Monster Guys Podcast Dark Synth Anthem Is …

Thank you to everyone who voted, and a massive high-five-thank-you-big-hugs-from-us to Chris Cavoretto from Werewolves in Siberia for composing this amazing anthem for us! We are privileged in all of this and can’t thank everyone who participated enough.

The votes are in, and the new song title for The Monster Guys Podcast Dark Synth Anthem is … *drum roll*


We are pumped about this title and feel it really captures the spirit of what Chris composed and the overall theme of The Monster Guys Podcast.

The Monster Guys PodcastTo hear this song in full, listen to our latest The Monster Guys Podcast, Episode 034: Flying Humanoids with Ken Gerhard & a World Premier Event with Special Guest Werewolves in Siberia.

We’ve said it many times that we are here to ask the questions, to seek the answers, and not shy away from those in our search. We call on many people – experts in their field, authors, cryptozoologists, business leaders, T.V. and radio personalities, researchers, and practitioners of all kinds to help us sort out things along the way.

We may never have all the answers we are looking for, but we will always be … In Search of the Beast that lurks in the shadows and on the edges of our reality. (See what we did there, haha!)

Thanks again everyone, this was a lot of fun for us!

D.C. & Michael McGannon, The Monster Guys

P.S., Also be on the lookout as Werewolves in Siberia will be releasing a brand new EP very soon with this song included on it.