Christmas…ahem…Carols For Your Sanity, Hehe…


Christmas…ahem…Carols For Your Sanity, Hehe…

Everyone likes Christmas music, right?

For one solid week at least, right?


We do like Christmas music, in moderation. Just not on repeat for two months of the year. Sometimes it’s nice to mix things up. And sometimes, well…sometimes, Christmas Carols can be terrifying. *wrings hands with a smirkish, Krampus-like grin*

Below are some of our favorite “other” renditions. And by “other” we mean terribly horrific carols of great horribleness. Enjoy!

Word of caution before you begin – a disclaimer of sorts: Listen at your own peril and realize your most important mental faculties may be at risk for loss…you may continue. 🙂

Carol of the Old Ones

Awake Ye Scary Old Ones


Away In A Madhouse

Little Rare Book Room

Death To The World

And for kicks, Sir Christopher Lee’s newest…

Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing

Merry Sols–erm, Merry Christmas!

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