Episode 033: Dogman Encounters with Vic Cundiff

The Monster Guys Podcast: Episode 033 – Dogman Encounters with Vic Cundiff

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Show Notes & Summary:


We have a very special guest with us on this episode of The Monster Guys Podcast … Mr. Vic Cundiff of Dogman Encounters Radio and Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio.

“Have you seen something that looks like a Werewolf?  If you have, you’re not alone.  You’re not crazy either.  What you saw is actually called a “Dogman” and more people than you’ll ever know have seen them.” -Vic Cundiff from DogmanEncounters.com.

This is a very real phenomenon that people all over the world are experiencing, and Vic has provided a platform for people to share their stories without fear of condemnation or ridicule. The stories are scary, and people are changed forever upon encountering one of these terrifying beasts.

We talk with Vic on this episode about the phenomenon, common elements in an encounter, about people’s stories, and much more.

We also reveal the winner of last month’s drawing for the Boggy Creek Monster giveaway, as well as update everyone on current news about The Monster Guys.

This is an exciting episode, so hang on to your hats and enjoy the ride!

Hear Dogman Encounters Radiohttp://www.dogmanencountersradio.com/

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Here is a link to D.C. & Michael’s young adult (all ages) series “Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters”:

Book 1: The Varcolac’s Diary on Amazon
Book 2: Witch Moon
Book 3: Council of the Hunters
Book 4: The Dragon Gate (April 2017)

Here’s a link to Michael’s first two books in his “Hollow World” (new adult/adult) serial:

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Here’s a link to D.C. & Michael’s Japanese folklore collection:

Yokai Tales: Stories from Japan’s Grand & Mysterious Tradition in Folklore

Here’s a link to the episode with Ballistic Interactive about their game in development “Hellhunter” that was partially inspired by an episode of The Monster Guys Podcast!

Here’s a link and a photo of the lapel pin with the moonflower and the rabbit that D.C. & Michael spoke of in this episode (inspired by their talk of the moon flowers they grow on their property):


Find this pin and many more fanciful creations at http://www.wormwoodandrue.com.





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