Ep. 013: Tales of the Unknown – Sonic Booms – The Monster Guys Podcast

The Monster Guys Podcast: Episode 013 – Sonic Booms

The Monster Guys Podcast

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Show Notes & Summary:


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This week is a special episode of The Monster Guys Podcast. We’ve had a few requests for our Tales of the Unknown segment lately. It’s been a few episodes since we featured one, and so we thought ‘why not devote an entire episode to a Tales of the Unknown segment.’

So that’s what we did. However …

We did it with a whole bunch of crazy friends!

Together with recently knighted Honorary Monster Guys: Logan Walcher, Kellan Parker, Jerry Brandon, Clif Matthews and other friends, we chimed in on a call with them to discuss the phenomenon of Sonic Booms and Trumpet Sounds in the skies!

With some serious content mixed in with a lot of laughter, silly tales, and an abundance of fun, we tackle the issue of Sonic Booms.

Do we get to the bottom of it? Well, we’ll leave that for you to decide. We can say, though, that we do a bit of globetrotting and speak of things from Russian dash cams to the Bermuda Triangle, to Sleep Paralysis to Exploding Head Syndrome.

Straying from our “normal” style for a rip-roaring good time with friends, join us for a special episode of The Monster Guys Podcast!



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