Episode 003: The Monster Guys Podcast – La Llorona

The Monster Guys Podcast, Episode 003: LA LLORONA

The Monster Guys PodcastUp front Note: We began recording these in early 2015, and had very little knowledge about podcasting, sound mixing, etc. The sound quality in these first few episodes isn’t bad by any means, but it isn’t top shelf either. We realize that, but we wanted to get started where we were and connect with you as fast as possible with this new and exciting venture. As we progress through the episodes, you’ll notice great strides along the way as we learn and grow.

Thanks for being a part of The Monster Guys Community and giving us a chance, and stick with us. Big things are coming our way through The Monster Guys Podcast.

D.C. & C. Michael McGannon
a.k.a., The Monster Guys

Show Notes & Summary:

Music: “Actionable – Bensound.com
Music: “Romantic – Bensound.com
Music: “Ofelia’s Dream – Bensound.com

 This may be our silliest podcast yet. D.C. interviews Michael, sorta. D.C. may or may not have been under a slight influence, which causes him to do things he normally would not do, like sing in public! Yes, ladies and gents, if you want to hear D.C. sing, here’s your chance. Can D.C. really sing? Is he just putting on silly in this episode? We may never know. However, The Monster Guys tackle the origin story of La Llorona (a.k.a., The White Woman, or The Weeping Woman), and take you on a journey into a story that is still very much truth and reality, and a terrifying reality at that, for a lot of people around the world today. Enjoy!

P.S. – Also discover what terrifies Michael. hehe …