Episode 004: The Monster Guys Podcast – Werewolves & Shapeshifters


The Monster Guys Podcast, Episode 004: WEREWOLVES & SHAPESHIFTERS

The Monster Guys PodcastShow Notes & Summary:

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We begin this episode about Werewolves & Shapeshifters with Michael making sheep noises … and we’re not quite sure why. D.C. is threatening with a racquetball, and we discover that 1 a.m. is The Monster Guys’ Witching Hour. What do they do during the witching hour? That secret may not be safe for long. Diving deep into the werewolf mythology, we venture in and out of popular culture influences and travel to far away lands to meet legends such as the Faoladh, Berserkers, and Ulfhednar, among others.

Are all werewolves bad? Is bloodlust really driving their existence? How does one become a werewolf? Which legendary creatures within this mythology are considered to be like the ninja warriors of ancient times? And also, which ones run around naked?