Episode 012: Jack Frost – The Monster Guys Podcast

The Monster Guys Podcast: Episode 012 – Jack Frost

The Monster Guys Podcast

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Show Notes & Summary:


Music: “November – Bensound.com
Music: “Pancakes – DEERPEOPLE – DEERPEOPLE on Bandcamp | Website | iTunes
Music: “No. 4 – DEERPEOPLE – DEERPEOPLE on Bandcamp | Website | iTunes

Warm up this week with a “light” and fun conversation about Jack Frost.

Featuring poetry and stories from old, enjoy discovering the origins of Jack Frost, his lineage, and how we have come to know him as a mischievous, light-hearted character today.

Ever wonder where the frosty artwork comes from on your windows during the heart of winter? Do you know of Jack Frost’s connection to Ymir and the Scandinavian Creation story, Father Frost, and even Santa? What are the lessons to be learned from the legend of Jack Frost?

This and more, as well as stunning guest music featuring DEERPEOPLE.

Join D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon as they take a romp through the ice and snow to bring you the story of Jack Frost. (Fear not! No Monster Guy was harmed in the making of this episode.) 😉



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