Episode 016: Oni (Japanese Demons) & Tengu – The Monster Guys Podcast

The Monster Guys Podcast: Episode 016 – Oni (Japanese Demons) & Tengu

The Monster Guys Podcast

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Show Notes & Summary:

The Oni and the Tengu are two of the most prominent and fierce creatures in Japanese folklore. As we continue our month-long discussion about Japanese Yokai, we visit Heaven, Hell, and everywhere in between this week.

matthewmeyeroniDiscover the Oni – Japanese demons – and many of their variations. From the Oni to the Kijo (female demon) to the Reiki (ghost demon); the Ushi Oni (ox demon) to the Hannya (masked female theatre demons).

What were they originally? Who is the king of the Oni? Where do they live, what do they feast upon, and what of their strange appearances? What does the name “Oni” actually mean?

Terrifying, brutal, and a most important character in Japanese mythology.

Also this week, a double feature!

matthewmeyerkotenguLearn more about the Tengu! What are the differences between the Daitengu and the Kotengu? Why are these divine, often worshipped, beings so commonly depicted as goofy, easily deceived monsters? What role does Sojobo, the king / high priest of the Tengu, play in Japan’s illustrious history, and what do Tengu have to do with Buddhism?

Worth careful consideration, both the Oni and the Tengu are some of Japan’s most powerful and terrible monsters. Spend some quality time with D.C. & Michael McGannon (The Monster Guys) as they unpack these fearsome legends.

The above art by Matthew Meyer. Used by permission.

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