Episode 017: Yokai / Yurei with Author Zack Davisson – The Monster Guys Podcast

The Monster Guys Podcast: Episode 017 – Yokai / Yurei with Author Zack Davisson

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Show Notes & Summary:


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“Believe in what you cannot see.” -Shigeru Mizuki
The Monster Guys dedicate this podcast episode to the memory of his life.

This week D.C. & Michael (The Monster Guys) have the privilege of speaking with Zack Davisson, author of Yurei: The Japanese Ghost, writer / contributor for the series Wayward (Image Comics), translator / curator for Shigeru Mizuki’s Kitaro, among many other things. He is a Japanese folklore and culture expert and The Monster Guys dive deep with Zack into the topics of Yokai, Yurei, and a wealth of information about Japanese culture, especially as it relates to folklore and monsters.

Trust us: you may want to take notes on this one. D.C. and Michael even put Zack on the spot and asked him to sing the Yokai Watch Theme Song … and he was a gamer! Total sport about it! Zack is a super nice guy and this interview is both informative and fun.

“If you don’t understand Japan’s relationship with its dead, you’ll never understand Japan.” -Zack Davisson quoting Lafcadio Hearn, author of Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation

Discover the world of Zack Davisson:

Zack Davisson Bio PicZack Davisson is an award winning translator, writer, lecturer, and scholar of Japanese folklore and ghosts. He is the author of YUREI: THE JAPANESE GHOST, THE GHOST OF OYUKI, and THE SECRET BIWA MUSIC THAT CAUSED THE YUREI TO LAMENT from Chin Music Press, and is a folklore expert and contributor to the comic book WAYWARD from Image comics.

He contributed to exhibitions at the WERELDMUSEUM ROTTERDAM and the ZackDavissonYurei_Japanese_Ghost_CoverHENRY ART MUSEUM,  lectured on Japanese folklore and manga at DENISON UNIVERSITY and EVERETT COLLEGE, and is a frequent guest and panelist at comic and anime conventions.  He has been featured on NPR and in THE NEW YORK TIMES, and has written articles for WEIRD TALES MAGAZINE, JAPANZINE, METROPOLIS, KANSAI TIME-OUT, THE COMICS JOURNAL, and ELECTRIC LITERATURE.

As a translator, he was nominated for the 2014 Japanese-US Friendship Commission Translation Prize, and is the translator of the Eisner Award-winning and Harvey Award-nominated Shigeru ZackDavissonKitaro PreviewMizuki’s SHOWA: A HISTORY OF JAPAN. For Drawn and Quarterly, Davisson translates and curates the famous folklore comic KITARO. For Dark Horse, he translates Satoshi Kon’s work, including OPUS, SERAPHIM: 266613336 WINGS, and THE ART OF SATOSHI KON, and for Kodansha Leiji Matsumoto’s acclaimed QUEEN EMERALDAS.

He was a researcher and on-screen talent for National Geographic’s TV special OKINAWA: THE LOST GHOSTS OF JAPAN, has appeared as a commentator on Chinese news network CCTV. He has maintained the popular Japanese folklore website HYAKUMONOGATARI.COM since 2010. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington with his wife Miyuki, their dog Mochi, cats Bagheera and Sheer Khan—and several ghosts.

ZackDavissonWAYWARD-DeluxeBOOK1Cover-692x1024Website: HYAKUMONOGATARI.COM
Zack’s Author Page on Amazon.com
Zack’s Books (just a few!):
Yurei: The Japanese Ghost
Wayward (Image Comics)
Shigeru Mizuki’s Kitaro
Facebook: Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai




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