Episode 025: Asian Undead – The Monster Guys Podcast

The Monster Guys Podcast: Episode 025 – Asian Undead

The Monster Guys Podcast

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Show Notes & Summary:


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We begin this episode with a fun “Reaction Podcast” to the (just over 3 minute) TRAILER (not the entire film … hehe) for the classic 1985 horror-comedy film “Mr. Vampire”, an Asian film wonderfully capturing the jiangshi, the nukekubi, and other vampires and zombies. The link for the trailer is below. This, we believe, is a must see for any true fan of the undead.

Following this fun entrance to this week’s podcast, we dive into a global gallop beginning in Europe, setting the stage for our conversation with the upir and ubir. Then it’s on to China and Japan …

There we meet the jiangshi (of China) and the jikininki (of Japan) as they relate to our discussion. As well, we reference the rokuro-kubi and the nukekubi of Japan. Which leads us south to the Philippines …

… where we come face to face with the manananggal, the omalinhig, and the langsuir (all considered to be aswang). We also meet the tragic and terrifying tiyanak, as well as the penananggalam of Malaysian and Indonesian lore.

Please keep all hands, feet, and personal belongings inside the vehicle at all times … and join us for a tour of the Asian Undead!

Here’s the trailer for “Mr. Vampire”:




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