Episode 026: Viking Undead (Draugr) – The Monster Guys Podcast


The Monster Guys Podcast: Episode 026 – Viking Undead (Draugr)

The Monster Guys Podcast

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Show Notes & Summary:


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Cold as the land of the dead, thrice kissed by Hel, the dragon came! Draugr and vaettir arose from their barrows and follow in its wake! Thrice kissed by Hel, the hearts and swords of the most valiant berserkers break!
—From a runestone in Donnermark

draugenAs we wrap up our theme of “the undead” for the month of April on The Monster Guys Podcast, we travel to the land of the Vikings!

It’s the Viking Undead this week, specifically the Draugr (“spirit”, “ghost”, “phantom”, or more closely translated as “revenant”). Also known as Aptrgangr (“again walker” or “after goer”), Draugen (if by sea), and haugbui (“mound dweller”).

We recapture the essence of one of the most powerful, and perhaps … perfect, monsters in mythology.

Is it a zombie as some propose? A vampire, as still yet others describe it? Or a witch, for its magical prowess? Or … is it all of those, and then more?

You decide as D.C. & C. Michael McGannon venture by land and sea to discover the terrifying … Viking Undead!


Art: Theodor Kittelsen (1857-1914), “Draugen: The Sea Troll”, 1887.




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