Faerie Tales 4: A Murder of Souls (The Sluagh) – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation

Faerie Tales 4: A Murder of Souls (The Sluagh) – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation

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The Monster Guys present: Faerie Tales – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation!

Join us as we travel to the Old Country and far away lands in search of some of the world’s greatest legends and monsters. Journey with us to the land of Faeries! For each Faerie Tales Podcast, we will spin a classic or original tale from the land of the Fae Folk, and share in a brief conversation about the history, the lore, the mystery – and very often, the terror –  of the featured faerie.

NecrogolemSluaghMHArtworkFlying zombies? Fairy darts? Rotting crops? The Wild Hunt? Fallen angels, or sinners that neither Heaven nor Hell wanted? Seeking the souls of the dying, or pursuing the living?

What does all this have to do with this week’s Faerie?

D.C. & C. Michael McGannon tune in to one of the more vicious creatures in the faerie world, the Sluagh. This “restless undead” monster is also one that doesn’t receive as much credit as perhaps it should, especially given the translation of their name.

The Sluagh have a rich and terrifying history. In an *original tale titled, “A Murder of Souls”, The Monster Guys paint a broad picture, followed by a brief discussion, about these lost souls.

Join in the discussion in this week’s Faerie Tale!

Artwork, The Necrogolem” Copyright © 2014 D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon, The McGannon Group Ltd. Co. All Rights Reserved. From “Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: Witch Moon (Book 2)” in a scene in which the sluagh were spelled to construct a giant Necrogolem to do battle with the Monster Hunters.

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*”A Murder of Souls” is an original short story written by C. Michael McGannon and narrated by D.C. McGannon. Copyright © 2016 by C. Michael McGannon. All rights reserved. For permission and other information about this and other stories and artwork by D.C. McGannon or C. Michael McGannon, contact us here.