Faerie Tales 8: “The Witch of Rathdowney” & “Bewitched Butter” (Double Feature) – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation

Faerie Tales 8: “The Witch of Rathdowney” & “Bewitched Butter” (Double Feature) – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation


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Show Notes & Summary:

The Monster Guys present: Faerie Tales – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation!


Join us as we travel to the Old Country and far away lands in search of some of the world’s greatest legends and monsters. Journey with us to the land of Faeries! For each Faerie Tales Podcast, we will spin a classic or original tale from the land of the Fae Folk, and share in a brief conversation about the history, the lore, the mystery – and very often, the terror –  of the featured faerie.


witchmilkingThis week, The Monster Guys share a double feature. “The Witch of Rathdowney” & “Bewitched Butter” are two classic tales from Irish folklore about witches and the controversy over milk and butter, a common theme among many stories about witches in the Old Country.

D.C. & Michael further discuss the cautionary nature of these stories, especially with regards to religion, blaming your neighbor, finding out the witch, and the consequences of misguided thinking and behavior.

Interesting language and fascinating story-telling await with these two old Irish folk tales.

Music: “Acoustic Breeze – Bensound.com

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