Episode 020: Faeries (Leprechaun, Clurichaun, & the Red Man)

The Monster Guys Podcast: Episode 020 – Faeries (Leprechaun, Clurichaun, & the Red Man)

The Monster Guys Podcast

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Show Notes & Summary:


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For the month of March, The Monster Guys shift their focus to Faeries.

Some of the most fierce, terrifying, and spooky monsters the world over make their home in the Old Country – the Emerald Isle, the Island of the Wood, Éire … or Ireland!

The Monster Guys 100 Days of Halloween ClurichaunJoin D.C. & C. Michael McGannon as they go deep into the Old Country in their search for the Fae Folk. Leprechauns, Clurichauns, and the Red Man pinch us in this week’s episode, along with discussions about faerie mounds, trooping vs. solitary, and the seelie and unseelie courts.

A light discussion about some of Ireland’s more popular and not so “lucky” creatures! Let’s see if you really want that pot of gold, and discover how to keep your wine cellar, and family, safe from unwanted tricksters!



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