Faerie Tales 15: “How Thomas Connolly Met the Banshee” – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation

Faerie Tales 15: “How Thomas Connolly Met the Banshee” – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation

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Show Notes & Summary:

The Monster Guys present: Faerie Tales – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation!

Join us as we travel to the Old Country and far away lands in search of some of the world’s greatest legends and monsters. Journey with us to the land of Faeries and other creatures of lore! For each Faerie Tales Podcast, we will spin a classic or original tale, and share in a brief conversation about the history, the lore, the mystery – and very often, the terror.

A very special guest joins us as a guest narrator this week. Please welcome Mr. Richard Martin originally from Cork, Ireland, now living and working in Dublin, to the Faerie Tales Podcast! Mr. Martin is a friend to The Monster Guys and is well known as The Fear Merchant, and host of The Bazaar Cast, where he spends his time in conversation with film makers, authors, and other artists from the horror community. He is also a regular contributor to UK Horror Scene.

Another friend joins Mr. Martin in lending his voice to the script as well. Please extend a warm welcome to Mr. Simon Henleywillis of Cork, Ireland. Thank you to both of you gentlemen for lending your voices and talents to our show!

Our story this week is a classic Irish folktale by John Todhunter titled, “How Thomas Connolly Met the Banshee”, and is one that we attempted to record last year, but felt we couldn’t do it proper justice with our lame attempts at an old Irish accent. And so we scrapped it, that is, until we met Richard Martin, who graciously agreed to give the text proper treatment with well-researched accent and translation of the old text.

It’s a wonderful, if not creepy, story that hails from the heart of the Old Country and is one of C. Michael McGannon favorite folktales as collected by W.B. Yeats (of whom, in fact, Michael decides to disagree with on a point in our discussion).

Please enjoy this retelling of the classic tale, followed by a discussion about the Banshee. Here is a written version of the tale as presented on Sacred-Texts.com if you would like to follow along or read for yourself.

Also, we join our brothers and sisters around the world in celebrating Irish Week (Seachtain na Gaeilge) as we lead into the wonderful occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, at which point The Monster Guys will dive into their annual, and somewhat famous, version of the favorite dish: Bangers and Mash!

We raise a glass to you, friend, and wish you well in all your days!


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Art: Bunworth Banshee” “Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland”, by Thomas Crofton Croker, 1825

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