Featured Music: For The Wolf

ForTheWolfBand.comThe Monster Guys Podcast is privileged to feature independent music from various genres from time to time.

Featured music from The Monster Guys Podcast “Ep. 011: Wendigo” is from the Tulsa-based band For The Wolf. The songs “Self-Taught American Teen Wolf” (opening / intermission song) and “Creativity Riot” (closing track of the podcast) are both from their “Turn On The Dark” release available on iTunes and through Horror Hound Records.

For The Wolf is described as an “alternative, stoner punk rock band … Channeling elements of music from the last 30 years with a little bit of macabre, they are taking music back to a better time.”

A driving, dance-worthy, punkish-metal hybrid band featuring the power-baked vocals of Kristy Emory, backed by creative and intelligent musicianship – with no fear of telling you how they feel – this is not a band to be missed.

The Monster Guys are pumped to share the music of For The Wolf as an honest, crunchy gift in this week’s episode. Pick up their album on iTunes or through Horror Hound Records, and learn more about the band at their website: ForTheWolfBand.com!

Also check out their vids! Crazy fun!!