Film Review: Invasion on Chestnut Ridge (2017, Small Town Monsters)

Film Review: Invasion on Chestnut Ridge (2017, Small Town Monsters)

by D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon, The Monster Guys

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge (2017, Small Town Monsters)

Directed and Produced by: Seth Breedlove

Written and Narrated by: Mark Matzke

Synopsis (from“Invasion” tells the true story of one of the more bizarre places in America, and the unusual activity that has taken place there for decades. Delving into one of the most intriguing, and unusual areas this side of the Bermuda Triangle, the film will tell the tale of the Kecksburg UFO crash, the Uniontown Bigfoot/UFO sightings, encounters with a large, prehistoric bird in Keystone State Park and much more.

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge will be the first feature film to document this hotbed of paranormal activity. Is the ridge a magnet for strange and mystifying forces? A beacon to visitors from beyond? You be the judge when the film is released on October 20th!

Full Review by The Monster Guys:

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge by Small Town MonstersOctober just got a whole lot more exciting! Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters (The Mothman of Point Pleasant, Boggy Creek Monster) deliver on their promise to transport us to a new dimension in the search for the strange with their fifth documentary film: Invasion on Chestnut Ridge.

Aliens and UFOs? Check. Bigfoot? Check. Large, prehistoric birds? Check. These merely scratch the surface of what is rooted deeply in a stretch of land nestled in the northeast corner of the United States that makes up the Chestnut Ridge, and in the psyche of the people that inhabit the region.

Breedlove and his crew travel deep for a first look (on film) into what has been home for some of the most bizarre paranormal activity recorded in the United States for over a century, and somehow manage to bring it all together in a spectacular feast for the inquisitive mind.

As we’ve come to expect, Seth and the team at Small Town Monsters handle the fantastic and mysterious with an amazing sense of respect and pizazz. They aren’t afraid to make it entertaining, and yet excel in the level of care with which they state their findings. The peculiar and extraordinary stories that bring the Chestnut Ridge to life are the stuff of legend—the strangest kind of legend—and with Invasion, Small Town Monsters offers these stories with a masterful twist on their own signature style.

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge by Small Town MonstersDirector Seth Breedlove gives us plenty to talk about in our continuing fascination with Bigfoot, but there are also healthy doses of alien visitation, UFO sightings, Dogman encounters, supernatural portals, strange color-changing lights in the sky, chance meetings with Men in Black, government cover-ups, and so much more. It will remain a mystery to us how Small Town Monsters pulled all these widely-varying phenomena together into one cohesive narrative, but that is precisely what they have done and it is rewarding at every turn. To be certain: Invasion on Chestnut Ridge is mystifying, and downright unsettling!

Further, the release of Invasion is timely. As October brings us closer to all that is spooky and strange, we are given the opportunity to journey along a tract of land that is crawling with the paranormal; where Bigfoot-like creatures are seen exiting bright lights, windows to other dimensions seem to open and close without explanation, and astonishing, unfamiliar lights are witnessed buzzing through the skies overhead. The only thing stronger than the paranormal here is our level of intrigue that naturally follows. It’s the perfect time of the year to be exposed to such strangeness.

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge by Small Town MonstersIn our review of The Mothman of Point Pleasant earlier this year, we declared that film to be the documentary film event of 2017. Now, Small Town Monsters releases Invasion on Chestnut Ridge and this new film presents its challenge for that distinction. The strength of storytelling and sweeping landscapes, artistry and stirring atmosphere, and uncompromising—if not perplexing and disquieting—vision all lend to a unified, and truly out of this world, experience.

Small Town Monsters continues to bring an unmatched sense of cool to its documentaries, balancing thick ambience with equal parts dedicated research and relevant in-person interviews with experts and eye-witnesses on location. This film has Small Town Monsters’ thumbprint all over it. It’s unmistakably human and wildly exotic; immediately accessible and wonderfully curious.

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge by Small Town MonstersWith terrifying terrestrial beasts to mind-bending otherworldly encounters, this film packs an unearthly punch. It truly is a full-on invasion, and you’re given a front-row seat to all the action. From the UFO crash in Kecksburg, PA to the Uniontown Bigfoot / UFO sightings, and an encounter with a prehistoric flying beast in Keystone State Park, allow us to invite you to experience the secrets of both the people and the land known as the Chestnut Ridge.

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge releases on DVD and streaming October 20, 2017. Visit for details, and while you’re there, check out their other films and that really cool Halloween shirt in their online store.

Listen in as The Monster Guys interview Seth Breedlove on The Monster Guys Podcast Thursday, September 28, 2017 about Invasion. Get behind the scenes insights and Seth’s thoughts about the film, the stories and more.

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