Music Review: “The Thing That Goes Bump In The Night” (2017, Werewolves In Siberia)

Music Review: The Thing That Goes Bump In The Night (2017, Werewolves In Siberia)

by D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon, The Monster Guys

The Thing That Goes Bump In The Night (2017, Werewolves In Siberia)

Written and Produced by: Chris Cavoretto

Available at:, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, Friday the 13th! (October 13, 2017)

Werewolves In Siberia - The Thing That Goes Bump In The NightIf you ever need music to help you feel you’re being chased by an immortal brute with a sharp-edged weapon, or a demonic dream-infesting entity, or even a psychopathic cannibal, Werewolves in Siberia is your go-to artist for such … melodies.

We’ve been fans of Werewolves In Siberia (WIS) since our first listen, immediately delving into every track we could find. In his most recent album release The Thing That Goes Bump in the Night (due Friday, October 13th, 2017, WIS artist Chris Cavoretto pulls from different eras of his own work and combines them into a wonderfully spine-chilling mix of sonic tension.

He has brilliantly channeled not only the John Carpenter-esque feel that Werewolves in Siberia has become known for, but also evokes feelings from several classic horror movies and soundtracks, and does it in such a way that you feel multiple scenes happening within a single track. Listening for the first time, we felt as if we were walking through the house of Poltergeist, only to realize that Freddy Krueger had followed us through the front door.

And it is this versatility that keeps you enthralled. There is a celebration of nostalgia within The Thing That Goes Bump in the Night that manages to capture the creeptastic fog that seeps through John Carpenter’s Halloween to Charles Bernstein’s blood-pumping, jump-and-run soundtrack for A Nightmare on Elm Street. Yet, it never fully relies on any single source, remaining free and retaining well its own unique vibe throughout. The crystal sound of synth bells mixes with a deliberate drumbeat throughout, all while chords layer and build on top of each other, creating a satisfying edginess throughout.

All said, The Thing That Goes Bump in the Night is a superb and haunting album, and given the nature of the music, it can lend to a variety of musical moods. This newest work will keep us running from the monsters through The Monster Guys Headquarters for a good long while.

The Thing That Goes Bump in the Night by Werewolves in Siberia is certainly our recommendation for when your life is being threatened by supernatural villains from the 1980’s. Or … it’s just great music to listen to while you’re doing the dishes. The crashing of dishes against your sink or floor will only add to the experience as you continually look over your shoulder for scary beasties creeping up on you from behind!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

As if this album wasn’t enough, Werewolves In Siberia has several special releases just for the month of October that are free for download including: Misfits in Siberia (A Misfits Tribute), Myers & Munsters Halloween Bash, and The Horror Soundtrack Mixtapes.

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Werewolves In Siberia is also the creative genius behind The Monster Guys Podcast theme songs! Yeah, we thought you’d be impressed. 🙂


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