On Location: Mons, Belgium – Angels & Demons on the Field of War (Episode 058)

The Monster Guys Podcast, Episode 058
On Location: Mons, Belgium – Angels & Demons on the Field of War

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Show Notes & Summary:

The Monster Guys Podcast On Location Mons, Belgium Angels & Demons on The Field of War

Welcome back to The Monster Guys Podcast for 2018! This year we are going on location for many of our episodes, both physically and virtually.

This month we travel back in time to the year 1914, to the city of Mons, Belgium, during WWI. Here we investigate the mysteries of the “Bowmen” or the “Angels of Mons,” and the “Hound of Mons.”

These spectres and monsters have confounded people for decades, and though some would come to an easy, logical conclusion about these events, the answers may not be so easy to come by.

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Music: “In Search of the Beast: Theme Song for The Monster Guys Podcast” from the EP “In Memoriam” by Werewolves in Siberia – Werewolves in Siberia on Bandcamp”

Sounds: Growling, Snarling Dogs Recorded by Lisa Redfern, Public Domain; German Shepard Recorded by Daniel Simon – soundbible.com



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