Faerie Tales 16: “Owlman” – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation

Faerie Tales 16: “Owlman” – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation

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Show Notes & Summary:

The Monster Guys present: Faerie Tales – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation!

Join us as we travel to the Old Country and far away lands in search of some of the world’s greatest legends and monsters. Journey with us to the land of Faeries and other creatures of lore! For each Faerie Tales Podcast, we will spin a classic or original tale, and share in a brief conversation about the history, the lore, the mystery – and very often, the terror.

On April 17, 1976, two girls see something that terrified them, something they couldn’t explain, in the village of Mawnan, Cornwall, England, at or near the church tower at Mawnan. In years following – 1977, 78, 1989, 1995, and again in 2000 – others make similar claims.

This man-like bird “creature” that appeared with large, red eyes “like the devil”, strange talons, feathered wings – a frightening visage all around – would later be termed the “Owlman”.

But what was it that those two little girls saw … or the two little boys fifty years earlier in the same town, for that matter?

Was it a hoax? Was it a flying humanoid similar to the Mothman of West Virginia? Or was it a large Eagle-Owl, as some propose, mixed with the vivid imaginations of some youngsters and a man seeking attention as a paranormal investigator?

This week we share a story titled “Owlman” written and narrated by D.C. McGannon, followed by a lively discussion on the topic of Owlman and flying humanoids.

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“Owlman” is Copyright © 2017 by D.C. McGannon. For permission and other information about this and other stories by D.C. McGannon or C. Michael McGannon, contact us here.