Review for “Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch” by Lyle Blackburn

Review for Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch by Lyle Blackburn

Publication date: February 1, 2017 by Anomalist Books

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“At once, I am drawn into the depth of mystery and the sweeping beauty of the Southern landscape, while the legendary tales and intrigue of creatures beyond our wildest imagination that are spoken of there plant me firmly in its capture, and keep me there entirely. In Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch, Lyle Blackburn shows his cards once more as not only an esteemed researcher in the field of cryptozoology, but also as an adept and careful storyteller—a modern day folklorist in his own right.

Reaching deep and wide, from the marshlands and murky swamps, to mountainous trails and back down to the coastlands and through the winding forests of the Southern United States, Mr. Blackburn guides us into an unforgettable tapestry of chilling, first-hand experiences and long-term, respected research. It’s a journey that seeps down to the soul level and stays with you.

Yes, it’s about Sasquatch and all the fantastic details and insight about, undoubtedly, the most famous cryptid of them all, but it’s also, if not more so, about the people whose lives have been forever changed by their encounters with one of nature’s most enduring and elusive paradoxes. As I sat down with this book, I felt like I was sitting down with an old friend as he shared his heart and life with me, and through him I learned of the history and story of a people, and their land, that I will not soon forget.

This book, along with his former text on the subject, The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of The Fouke Monster, provides a definitive exploration of the mystery of Bigfoot in not just the Southern states, but throughout the whole of the United States. With his trademark down to earth storytelling and the rich history and research to back up those stories, this offering by Lyle Blackburn should not be overlooked.”

D.C. McGannon
Host of The Monster Guys Podcast, and coauthor of the best-selling Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters series for young adults, Yokai Tales: Stories From Japan’s Grand and Mysterious Tradition of Folklore, and other titles.