Episode 032.5: Small Town Monsters with Seth Breedlove

The Monster Guys Podcast: Episode 032.5 – Small Town Monsters with Seth Breedlove

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Show Notes & Summary:

This week features Seth Breedlove of Small Town Monsters, an independent documentary filmmaker and storyteller.

Earlier this month we interviewed Lyle Blackburn, noted author, musician, and television personality about the Boggy Creek Monster (Fouke Monster). We continue our interest with the Boggy Creek Monster with Seth’s documentary film “Boggy Creek Monster”, which is narrated and co-produced by Lyle.

We talk monsters, yes, but we go so much further this week as we explore the stories, the people, and the towns where these legends are born. In our conversation we dig into Seth’s other two films, as well as his upcoming projects about The Mothman of Point Pleasant and Invasion on Chestnut Ridge. This conversation is a treat and we are excited to share it with you.

Furthermore, we launch a giveaway on this episode! It’s big … as big as the Boggy Creek Monster itself. Listen in for details on how to enter for the definitive Boggy Creek Monster collection from Lyle Blackburn and Seth Breedlove.

Learn more about Small Town Monsters on Facebook or their website. Also visit their kickstarter and get in on the action!




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