The Monster Guys are on The Bazaar Cast with The Fear Merchant (R.M. Martin) from Dublin, Ireland!

This week we have the privilege of being featured on Richard Martin’s (@TheFearMerchant) The Bazaar Cast Podcast!

Also available on iTunes here.

In Episode 8 of his show, we talk about folklore, monsters, yokai, Bigfoot, Dogman, our upcoming projects, and so much more. The resurgence of interest in and study of folklore, cryptids, and the mysterious all around is a focal point during our conversation.

“The human race is a group of people … who love stories.” -D.C. McGannon on The Bazaar Cast

Michael and D.C. also pick their favorite legends in folklore for an impromptu battle to see who would win between the two. It certainly takes a “non-traditional” turn in the end. 🙂

Also, Richard respectfully challenges the reality and existence of monsters in our world and puts us to the test. All in all, it’s a great conversation among friends and The Monster Guys were happy to be a part.

Listen in and enjoy, and please share! Thank you.

D.C. & Michael – The Monster Guys

P.S., Check his show notes, as there is a wealth of resource there in this episode.