Yokai Podcast 5: Nopperabo – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation

Yokai Podcast 5: Nopperabo – A Monster Guys Podcast Presentation

The Monster Guys Podcast

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Show Notes & Summary:


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The Monster Guys present: The Yokai Podcast!

Each week, we will bring you a story about a specific yokai, followed by a brief discussion about the monster and the category of yokai it belongs to. We’ll bring interesting insights, historical information, and short illustrative stories – sometimes whimsical, sometimes serious, often scary or disturbing, but always mystical – about the wonderful world of Yokai.

matthewmeyernopperaboKosuke was a respected child, well-behaved … mostly.

His love for fishing and adventure shut out his mother’s instructions not to visit a certain pond.

Kosuke should have listened, for a certain spirit guarded the pond. One of Japanese folklore’s most popular ghosts … the Nopperabo!

Listen as C. Michael McGannon narrates his spooky short story* titled, “Faceless”. The Monster Guys will share some insights into this legend following the original tale.

The above artwork Copyright © Matthew Meyer. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

As much as we are granted permission, we will share the artwork of Matthew Meyer, yokai and Japanese culture author and illustrator, in reference to the yokai on the show. Matthew’s information is below. Please visit him and fall in love with the modern art and retelling of Japan’s mysterious yokai, through the eyes of someone who has devoted his career to researching and documenting them.

Learn even more about the Nopperabo at: http://yokai.com/nopperabou/

matthewmeyericonDiscover the world of Matthew Meyer:

Website: www.Yokai.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/osarusan
Blog: www.MatthewMeyer.net
His books: “The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons: A Field Guide to Japanese Yokai” & “The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits: An Encyclopedia of Mononoke and Magic (Yokai)


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*”Faceless” is an original short story written and narrated by C. Michael McGannon. Copyright © 2016 by C. Michael McGannon. All rights reserved. For permission and other information about this and other stories by D.C. McGannon or C. Michael McGannon, contact us here.